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Tue 26 Jul

Adrienne Miller is a printmaker who refuses to be restricted by her chosen medium. Her work is fresh and spontaneous in a way that seems unusual for such process-oriented techniques, and she also has worked in mixed media with installation work both in and out of the gallery environment. Her concentration on surface and a limited spatial depth allow her to invest her objects and suggested space with a unique psychological weight.

Miller is one of the artists working on the 2016 Future Is Now project. She is mentoring Nham Phan, a student from Central High School. At a recent critique meeting of the group, they worked on details of installation for the upcoming exhibit. Although the dense, abstract imagery is Phan’s own, the presentation is certainly influenced by Miller’s work, and the positive impact of mentor/mentee relationship flows both ways:

“My mentee, Nhan has renewed my faith in teenagers. She is bright, attentive and works hard. I have no doubt she will go on to do great things.”

Immediately after graduating from Murray State in 2007, Miller went to Nashville for a summer internship for Hatch Show Print, a world famous, 130+ year old letterpress shop. While still living in Tennessee, Adrienne spent 5 years working as the Studio Manager and Gallery Coordinator for Vanderbilt University’s Department of Art. She has also served an Exhibitions Assistant for the Northern Illinois University Art Museum, as a summer staff intern at Spudnik Press, as the printmaking curator for the 2014 Chicago Printer’s Ball and as a workshop assistant for the 2014 Frogman’s Print and Paper Workshop.

Adrienne graduated with her MFA in Printmaking from Northern Illinois University in 2015. She teaches drawing and printmaking classes and is currently an Assistant Preparator at the Speed Museum in Louisville, Kentucky. Her studio work has been exhibited across the U.S. and abroad.

The Future is Now is a mentorship program conceived by Daniel Pfalzgraf and Jackie Pallesen that matches Jefferson County Public School high school students with professional local artists in Louisville, Kentucky. This summer, the program, which is administered by Louisville Visual Art, is partnering with The Kentucky College of Art + Design at Spalding University.

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Featured Artwork

Adrienne Miller

collograph, etching, chine colle, 12x16in, 2016

More Artwork by
Adrienne Miller:

"untitled" (In process) by Nham Phan

mixed media, size n/a, 2016.

mentor and mentee at work

photo by Sarah Davis Photography, for the upcoming Future is Now exhibition, 2016.

At a Glance:

Name: Adrienne Miller

Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee

BFA, Studio Art with an emphasis in Photography, Murray State University / MFA, Studio Art with an emphasis in Printmaking, Northern Illinois University

Website: http://www.adrienne-miller.com/