DAILY ARCHIVE: Alexia Serpentini

Tue 08 Sep

Artebella this week is curated by designer Frances Ward-Simmons, and focuses on digital media.

The natural elements of this video evoke a meditative quality and seem to ask viewers to embrace brief moments that Alexia Serpentini has orchestrated into a short film for our contemplation. Her use of the video allows us to experience a particular kind of movement and fluidity she wishes to showcase.

“This video is part of a larger work entitled 13.8 (x10.9) and was made for the 2014 Crete Biennale in Chania, Greece,” explains Serpentini. “As international artists, we were asked to design installations based around the simple concept: “Think about Greece.” This was my response.”

Serpentini is an artist and independent researcher focusing on the development of post-conflict cultural policy, identity regulation, and the intersections between culture and conflict. She was awarded an MA for studying cultural economics, policy and geography at King’s College London. Her background is in glassmaking, sculpture and photography and she also does freelance graphic/web design, creative consultancy and film.

Curator Statement:
What do you consider the tools for creating great art…Paint? Canvas? Glass? Found objects? Language? How about technology?

As our world changes and we increasingly integrate technology and it’s tools into our lives, it sometimes makes us wonder what we’re in for. To reckon with the modern challenges that new technology provides, I see benefit in looking to the past for a glimpse of retrospect.

Let’s take a look at language as an example of a rapid technological change. What was humanity like as the advent of language began to change civilization? Surely life began to speed up as simple human needs were met more easily. Did our predecessors feel as overwhelmed with change as we sometimes do? If they did, I like to think that one creative response was people using language as a tool to begin forming and manipulating emotions and ideas into invoking works of art. Shakespeare anyone?

With that in mind, let us look toward the future where there is an assured place for digital media in our creative arsenals, enabling us to continue the tradition of communicating our passions through art. This week’s selection of digital art makers allows us to explore and celebrate each of their video works as they push forward artistic expression with this still-evolving toolbox.

– Frances Ward-Simmons

Watch the video “Flowers, Salt Water, Gravity”:

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Featured Artwork

Alexia Serpentini
Flowers, Salt Water, Gravity (click the link to watch video)

video, 2:58, 2014

More Artwork by
Alexia Serpentini:

[10] Years of Sleep

photograph, study, 30 June 2005 - Ongoing.


inkjet print print, 841x1189mm, 2014—ongoing.

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At a Glance:

Name: Alexia Serpentini

Hometown: Akron, Ohio

BFA in 2D, BFA in 3D, University of Louisville, 2011; MA Creative Cities (Distinction), Kings College, London, England

Website: http://www.alexiaserpentini.com/