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Thu 14 Aug

Audrey Schulz was a pre-school teacher when she discovered fabric sculpting.

Her first attempt at a horse won a blue ribbon at the Kentucky State Fair. She would spend the next 20 years producing thousands of whimsical yet realistic racehorses, jumpers, and other equines. Schulz machine stitches, sculptures, sews, and hand paints each one.

“Each piece I make is an original,” she says. “My horse designs are all copyrighted in Washington, D.C.” The figures have a soft quality such as you would find in characters from animated films, yet even the richness of the fabrics does not mask a certain aspect of realism drawn from observation: her pigs look a tad ornery, her hounds appear as if on the chase for prey.

Schulz also produces sculptures of domestic and zoo animals. Her work has received considerable recognition. The Commonwealth of Kentucky has honored her with personal awards and by purchasing work for displays throughout the state. Her horses have become an intrinsic part of Kentucky Derby celebrations each spring. One of her pieces was even featured on the Home and Garden Network.

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Gallery Representative:
Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft

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Audrey Schulz
Gray Horse #4 - SOLD

Hand Sculpted Painted Fabric, Horseshoe, 20" x 19" x 6", 2014

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Audrey Schulz:

Bay Racing Horse #7

Sculpted Painted Fabric, 20" x 20" x 5", 2014.

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Flying Zebra on Painted Metal Stand - SOLD

Sculpted Painted Fabric, 14" x 12", 2014.

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At a Glance:

Name: Audrey Schulz

Hometown: Kalamazoo, Michigan

Age: 83

Kalamazoo Institute of Art

Gallery Representative:
Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft