DAILY ARCHIVE: Bobby Barbour

Mon 01 Jun

This week on Artebella, Curator Stacey Reason has selected artists to address the theme of “retreating”.

BOBBY BARBOUR is a multi-media artist working primarily in video but also explores image production through painting and collage. He often collaborates with other creative producers in art making, and is making commendable progress in documenting the Louisville art scene through audio interviews published as part of a podcast series called Blind Date.

Contemporary life is characterized by how much stimuli you can manage without spontaneous implosion, yet we somehow have a hard time occupying our minds when the digital screen is stripped away. Bobby Barbour produces videos for (what he calls) the “post-boredom movement,” or an attempt to recreate a desire and opportunity to slow the heck down and day dream a little. His video work is an eloquent masking of the slow passing of time that comes with being bored or stationary and transforms it into an opportunistic meditative state that is almost impossible to resist falling into. Yoga breaths are encouraged (and unavoidable).

Curator’s Statement: For me, the word “retreat” conjures a mental image of soldiers running from a loosing fight, a sense of urgency and survival. But I also think of retreating as pulling into something as a haven or as a reflective attempt to understand oneself. Retreating is not always a reaction against something negative, but a proactive attempt to achieve an internal alignment.

These artists are chosen to show the action of retreat in four different ways: retreating within oneself, retreating within identity, retreating within consciousness, retreating within home. Individually, they use different forms of artistic production to explore aspects of contemporary life that may seem at first quotidian but when isolated become uncanny. Collectively they encompass the idea of retreating within this context. – Stacey Reason

View the video “Sunset Amongst The Storm”:

View the video “Community Sleep”:

View the video “Those Houses”:

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Featured Artwork

Bobby Barbour
Sunset Amongst The Storm

Camera: Sarah Katherine Davis, 4:35, Additional Camera and Editing: B. Barbour, Audio: Bobby Barbour

More Artwork by
Bobby Barbour:

Community Sleep

Camera: Sarah Katherine Davis, 6:53, Additional Camera and Editing: B. Barbour, Audio: Ben Traughber (Guitar/Synth/Organ) & Bobby Barbour (Keys/Xylophone/Percussion).

Those Houses

Camera: Sarah Katherine Davis, 3:50, Music: Bobby Barbour, Voice & words: Sarah Katherine Davis, Editing: Bobby Barbour.

At a Glance:

Name: Bobby Barbour

Hometown: Louisville, KY

Age: 31

HS, Self taught art wise

Website: https://blinddateart.wordpress.com/