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Wed 27 Jul

One of the more common but still somewhat unusual elements you will find included as “media” for contemporary artists is “time”. The incorporation of materials that are allowed to deteriorate or be affected by exposure to the elements of air and water speak to the desire of today’s artists to embrace the ephemeral: a piece could be so entirely of the moment that it may only exist during the opening reception. Brandon Harder is such an artist.

“I try to question how we as a society assign value and use that information in our daily decisions. Present also is the collective guilt and sub conscience panic often experienced as a result, even though positive value and negative impact may be of equal weight.”

Harder is currently mentoring River Skipworth in the 2016 Future Is Now program, and while Skipworth’s piece is not that ephemeral, the plasticity of the carved wood suspended in a chain shares some of the themes found in Harder’s work; the illusion of form distorted by gravity over time.

“River is a highly inquisitive artist and a lot of fun to work with,” says Harder. “His desire to learn and try new methods is very refreshing.”

Harder is a recipient of a BFA with a sculpture concentration from the Hite Art Institute at the University of Louisville. He is a co-founder of the Louisville Artists Syndicate and currently works for 21c Museum Hotels.

The Future is Now is a mentorship program conceived by Daniel Pfalzgraf and Jackie Pallesen that matches Jefferson County Public School high school students with professional local artists in Louisville, Kentucky. This summer, the program, which is administered by Louisville Visual Art, is partnering with The Kentucky College of Art + Design at Spalding University.

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Featured Artwork

Brandon Harder

Concrete, Steel, Grass, size n/a, 2007

More Artwork by
Brandon Harder:

Choked Essence by River Skipworth

wood (ash), chain, gold leaf, and the graphite, size n/a, 2016.

Mentor & Mentee At Work

photo by Sarah Davis Photography, for the upcoming Future is Now exhibition, 2016.

At a Glance:

Name: Brandon Harder

Hometown: Louisville, KY

BFA, Hite Institute, University of Louisville

Website: http://brandonharder.com/home.html