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Photographer and installation artist Carrie Burr’s “Shadow” is currently a part of The Lexington Art League exhibit, Artist: Body, curated by Julien Robson (former curator of Contemporary Art at The Speed Museum in Louisville), but you need to look closely at the somewhat abstract sculpture to see how the human form is represented. The enigmatic arrangement of cheesecloth and black rice utilizes a provocative balance of tension and repose; a suspended weight hanging over the negative space of a body hollowed out of a pile of rice on the floor.

As a material, the black rice is suggestive of so many things, and a viewer is most likely to imagine the musty odor of fresh soil or some other earthy element, but Burr is playing with textures, form, and, most crucially, space. The installation is located so that it enters into a stylish and somewhat ornate alcove that defines the perimeters of the viewer’s interaction without the need for claustrophobic enclosure, and the impression created by a body introduces connotations of death, burial, and perhaps even a sly allusion to a violent end for the poor unfortunate soul represented here. At the very least, the positioning of the arms imply that whoever this person was, they were caught by surprise.

The Lexington Art League’s Artist: Body is on view at the Loudoun House in Lexington through March 27, 2016. For hours and details of events connected to the exhibit, click here.

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Carrie Burr

mixed media, 12x6x6ft, 2016

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Carrie Burr:

Shadow (detail #1)

mixed media, installation, 2015.

Shadow (detail #2)

mixed media, installation, 2015.

At a Glance:

Name: Carrie Burr

Hometown: Louisville, KY

Age: 38

BFA in 2D Design, Cum Laude, University of Louisville; Graduate study in Ecological Design and Ecological Economics, University of Vermont; Yestermorrow Design/Build School

Website: http://www.carriemarieburr.com/