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Fun, colorful and unique are three words that best describe Cathy Ridge’s designs.

The textile/fiber artist works with recycled cashmere and vintage textiles – mainly mid-century cottons and backcloth. She likes to reinvent her materials.  A turtleneck removed from a sweater becomes an ear toaster and the sweater’s ribbing becomes fringe for a cascading tiered skirt.

“I began collecting cashmere sweaters in college, more than thirty years ago,” Ridge explains. “I’ve sewn and designed my clothing since high school. Vintage fabrics and soft, beautiful cashmere are truly my addictions. I love to collect, rescue, recycle, and repurpose!”

Ridge operates a business called Designs by Cathy Wade, where she sells everything from cashmere scarves to Christmas stockings. She is currently working on a collection of vintage cotton shirts with pom-pom fringe for two shows sponsored by Country Living Magazine in Columbus, Ohio and Atlanta, Georgia. Ridge will also have a trunk show at the Janjobe Gallery,October 19-20, 2013.

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Featured Artwork

Cathy Ridge
Fringe Ribbed Cascading Recycled Cashmere Skirt

Recycled Cashmere, S/M/L/XL, 2012

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More Artwork by
Cathy Ridge:

Infinity Scarves

Recycled Cashmere, S/M/L/XL, 2012.

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Assorted Head Pieces with Multi Blossoms

Recycled Cashmere, Varies – many available, 2012.

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At a Glance:

Name: Cathy Ridge

Hometown: Green County, Kentucky

Age: 59

University of Louisville

Website: http://www.designsbycathywade.com