DAILY ARCHIVE: Chelsea Markuson

Thu 26 May

This week, Artebella investigates the work of BFA candidates at Indiana University Southeast in New Albany, Indiana:

Installations may take both abstract and representational directions. For Chelsea Markuson they are highly personal in their origin and very subjective in their construction. From a distance, the work can seem entirely abstract and random, but once you immerse yourself into the space, specific forms and objects emerge and the viewer develops their own experience.

If the room-sized constructions look like line drawings come to life, it is because Markuson has intentionally developed an approach that enlarges and expands two-dimensional mark making to a three–dimensional reality. As she explains in her statement: “My installations embrace the changing nature and the ephemeral activity of assembling and disassembling a unique experience in each new space I work in. It is within these limits I find my hands, body, and mind are connected and in control of the moment in the space I am in.”

In her final year at Indiana University Southeast, Markuson made the Dean’s List and received the 2016 Chancellor’s Purchase Award, which places her work in the Permanent Collection, IU Southeast, New Albany IN.

Markuson will be attending Michigan State University this fall to pursue a Master of Fine Arts in Printmaking. She has been awarded a full scholarship, and teaching assistantship through the Michigan State Department of Art, Art History and Design.

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Featured Artwork

Chelsea Markuson
Feel Connected

Acrylic ink, pastel, transfers on Yupo paper, 15x22in, 2015

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More Artwork by
Chelsea Markuson:

Parhelion Dance (Installation View)

Acrylic, tar paper, chain, fiber, Plasti-Dip, silicon caulk, and Yupo paper, 25x11ft, 2016.

Parhelion Dance (Detail)

Acrylic, tar paper, chain, fiber, Plasti-Dip, silicon caulk, and Yupo paper, 25x11ft, 2016.

At a Glance:

Name: Chelsea Markuson

BFA, Indiana University Southeast, New Albany, Indiana, 2016; MFA Candidate, Michigan State University, 2016-2019

Website: http://www.chelseamarkuson.com