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Blacksmith and artist Craig Kaviar has been producing forged iron and bronze sculpture, architectural elements, and furniture since 1985.

His work was featured on the Home and Garden TV network show, “Modern Masters” and has appeared in a number of books illustrating the art of ironwork. In 2000, the Sister Cities program sent Kaviar on a cultural exchange to Mainz, Germany to help celebrate Johann Gutenberg’s 600th anniversary. In commemoration, he created a three-dimensional Gothic “G” with Gutenberg’s portrait carved          into it.

Kaviar is an alumnus of Tufts University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and has studied at the Boston Museum School. He prides himself on his eco-friendly values. He heats metal in a forge that is fueled by discarded vegetable oil from the North End Cafe. He also has repurposed tools: a 200 pound Chambersburg Air Hammer, originally built to be carried on a World War II battleship, and a 200 ton press purchased from the Charlestown Ammunition Plant.

“I like feel that by reusing this machinery of war for the making of artwork I am in a small way helping to turn swords into plowshares,” Kaviar says. “This spring I will be installing the copper centerpiece sculpture in the courtyard fountain of the new Owensboro hospital complex and a copper baptismal font in the new sanctuary at St. Michael Catholic Church in Jeffersonville.”

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Featured Artwork

Craig Kaviar
Iron Horse on Marble Base

iron, marble, 15" x 10", 2012

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More Artwork by
Craig Kaviar:

Armorary Sphere

iron, 38" x 55", 2000.

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Iron Figure on Stone Base

iron, granite base, 2.5" x 14", 2010.

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At a Glance:

Name: Craig Kaviar

Hometown: Levittown, New York

Age: 60

BFA, Tufts University; and studied at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Website: http://www.craigkaviar.com