DAILY ARCHIVE: Susanna Crum & Tiffany Carbonneau

Fri 22 Apr

This week Miranda Lash, Curator of Contemporary art at The Speed Museum, curates Artebella.

For my last day of Artebella I am excited to feature collaboration between artists Susanna Crum and Tiffany Carbonneau. Crum and Carbonneau recently co- presented the projected video installation Inside Outside as part of the B.Kind Festival at 1619 Flux in Louisville on April 15, 17, and 20, 2016. The artists explain: “Inside and Outside presents a narrative in which past and present policies, and the maps and ephemera that represent them, overlap and intersect, proposing that we, as fellow Louisvillians, have more conversations about how urban planning, housing legislation, and infrastructure projects can best serve and benefit the many diverse communities that make our city the best it can be.”

Susanna Crum’s research-based projects investigate the lesser-known histories of public spaces through installations, video, sound, and works on paper. Her work often draws from community-based interviews and archival research. In 2013, Crum was the recipient of the inaugural M.A. Hadley Prize for Visual Arts. Together with fellow printmaker Rodolfo Salgado, in 2015 Crum founded Louisville’s first fine art printmaking studio, Calliope Arts. Since its opening, Calliope Arts has provided access to printmaking equipment for emerging and professional artists, published fine art editions with visiting artists, and exhibited contemporary prints on a national scale. As panelists in Constructing Programs and Communities at the Southern Graphics Council International conference in 2015, Crum and Salgado presented alongside studio managers from Nova Scotia and Doha, Qatar. Crum is Assistant Professor of Fine Art – Printmaking at Indiana University Southeast in New Albany, IN. She will conduct her first international research-based project, A Collecting Place, with Edinburgh Printmakers Studio in 2016.

Tiffany Carbonneau is a video installation artist, whose work explores the impact of our surroundings by presenting familiar structures in an unfamiliar setting, allowing the viewer to experience subtle architectural influences in a significant way. Carbonneau is an Assistant Professor of Art at Indiana University Southeast where she founded and heads the Digital Art and Interactive Media area, and is a 2011 Efroymson Contemporary Arts fellow. Carbonneau’s architectural video projections call attention to underlying systems that support the international economy, visually and metaphorically connecting the local to the global. Through these architectural vestiges, her work highlights the significance of our built environment within our modern and historic cultural framework. Carbonneau’s works have been exhibited nationally and internationally at The University of Hamburg in Hamburg, Germany, Move Light Festival in Lodz, Poland, Infecting the City Public Art Festival in Cape Town, South Africa, and The Toronto Urban Film Festival in Toronto, Ontario, among other locations. Supported by a grant from The National Endowment for the Arts, Carbonneau’s recent public commission, Illuminate Oregon City, consisted of a seventy-foot outdoor video projection on display nightly for one year in Oregon City, Oregon.

Featured Artwork

Susanna Crum & Tiffany Carbonneau
Inside and Outside

Architectural video projection, Presented on April 15, 17, and 20 as part of the B.Kind Festival at 1619 Flux, at 1619 W. Main Street, Louisville, KY., April 2016

More Artwork by
Susanna Crum & Tiffany Carbonneau:

Capriccio I - Susanna Crum

Cyanotype blueprint and reduction woodcut, 13" x 19", 2016.

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Between Here and There: Richmond - Tiffany Carbonneau

Mapped and projected high definition video, three 10,000 Lumen projectors networked wirelessly, scaffolding, hardware, and software; Inlight Richmond, Richmond, Virginia, Mapped and projected high definition video, three 10,000 Lumen projectors networked wirelessly, scaffolding, hardware, and software; Inlight Richmond, Richmond, Virginia, 2014.

At a Glance:

Name: Susanna Crum & Tiffany Carbonneau

Hometown: Louisville, KY

Susanna Crum: BFA, Printmaking from Cornell University; MA and MFA, Printmaking from the University of Iowa
Tiffany Carbonneau: BFA and BS, Art Education from Northern Arizona University; MFA, Ohio University (2010)

Website: www.susanna-crum.com - www.tiffanycarbonneau.com