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Debra Lott uses her subjects’ hands and faces to tell their stories in her drawings and paintings.

Seasons of Grace and Lamentations are part of a series of charcoal drawings of elderly women’s hands. These pieces use hands to express a wide variety of human emotions. Another piece, Together, was created to visually communicate with boldness and simplicity an image of human compassion, truth, beauty, and unity.

“The women of Kentucky who cross my path – all ethnicities and socio- economic levels, both young and old – help form my artistic statement,” Lott asserts. “With the creation of figurative oil paintings and charcoal drawings, my intent is to reveal their physical and spiritual beauty as well as their sensitivity, strength and compassion.”

Lott started out doing portraits and large scale figurative compositions. As her work has evolved in theme so has her choice of technique, media and foundation. Lately she has been doing mixed media work incorporating oil, collage, charcoal, gel medium and ink on mylar. The South Florida native is also a fulltime art educator and produces four exhibitions a year at the Pyro Gallery.

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Featured Artwork

Debra Lott
Seasons of Grace

Charcoal on Paper, 26" x 26" individual, 52" x 52" total, 2010

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More Artwork by
Debra Lott:


Charcoal on Paper, 28" x 35", 2010.

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Charcoal on paper, 24" x 24", 2012.

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At a Glance:

Name: Debra Lott

Hometown: Lake Worth, Florida

Age: 62

MAT with a concentration in painting, Florida Atlantic University’ a BA in Art Education, Palm Beach Atlantic University

Website: http://www.debralott.com/

Gallery Representative:
Pyro Gallery