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As a photographer, Ed Lawrence is most influenced by the Hudson River School of landscape painters. What he refers to as their reverence for light, water, trees, and sky is captured in the formalism of his compositions, and the care and patience required to wait for the sun to be in just the right place. The deliberate relationship of line, color, and form, can be manipulated with a brush in a painting, but it must be discovered in the environment by a photographer who has developed an intuitive grasp of nature.

“Everyday is a learning process and everyday I am inspired by the beauty of Kentucky’s shaped and natural landscape,” explains Lawrence. “No matter what season, I find myself awestruck and overwhelmed by the painterly nature of my surroundings that translate into tiny windows of visual perfection. Earth, water and sky are at the core of my work.”

These photographs are from a 2014 project in which Lawrence made a commitment to make a photograph each day of the year. The following year, the artists put down the camera and observed, which may seem counter-intuitive, but perhaps only emphasizes the importance of the connection with nature in Lawrence’s work. In 2016, his work is focusing on gardens — public, private and his own.

Lawrence has published a book of his landscape photographs from each county in Kentucky, aptly named “KENTUCKY 120.” (For more information go to www.zedzpress.com.)

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Featured Artwork

Ed Lawrence
Shelby County

photography, 10x15in, 2014

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More Artwork by
Ed Lawrence:

Franklin County

photography, 10x15in, 2014.

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Madison County

photography, 10x15in, 2014.

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At a Glance:

Name: Ed Lawrence

Hometown: Frankfort, KY

Age: 66

University of Kentucky

Website: http://www.edlawrencephotography.com/