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Jeremy Brown is a freshman at the University of Louisville, with a focus in drawing. He meticulously layers his work to create value and depth while including elements of social and media culture, Brown is determined to replicate the human form with exactitude precision, thus achieving another dimension of realism to his work.

“My influences are somewhat unorthodox,” he says. “I draw a lot of inspiration from cartoonists like Bill Watterson. I’m enthralled by the way he uses lines. The boldness of the lines always caught my eye, and I wanted to incorporate some of that style into my work. At times, people didn’t agree with this, but over time I’ve gotten better with incorporating darker lines into my works and the result is an enhancement of the overall picture.”

Brown grew up knowing that he possessed artistic talent, but had no idea what to do with it. While attending North Hardin High School in Radcliff, Kentucky, Brown could draw any picture that was given to him. But the artist didn’t find direction until he began studying at the University of Louisville, last year. According to the artist, being exposed to art at the university level has enabled him to stretch outside of his creative comfort zone.

Featured Artwork

Jeremy Brown

Pencil, 18"x24", 2012

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More Artwork by
Jeremy Brown:

Mattress And Other Various Items

Pencil, 18"x24", 2012.

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Laid Back Model

Pencil, 18"x24", 2012.

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At a Glance:

Name: Jeremy Brown

Hometown: Brunswick, Georgia

Age: 18

Currently an Art major with a minor in Sports Administration, University of Louisville