DAILY ARCHIVE: Luis D. Fuentes

Fri 29 May

Photographer Luis David Fuentes’ journey has taken him from Havana, Cuba, to El Santiago, Chile, to Frankfort, Kentucky in the US, where he has worked for the last 10 years as an Environmental Engineer at the Department of Environmental Protection. He has been the publisher of El Kentubano, a Cuban publication serving the Spanish community in Kentucky, since 2009. The magazine brings the history and culture of Luis’ homeland to the Bluegrass state through articles and photographs; Fuentes takes most of these himself.

“For that purpose, during last few years I have traveled to Cuba, where I have taken thousands of photos,” explains Fuentes. As a result, he has produced a collection of images that he calls “Cuba Inside”. “As the name indicates, the collection shows the real Cuba of today, with views and details of streets, people, beaches, cars, buildings, country farms, music, food.”

The images run the gamut from portraits of everyday life among working class Cubans to the force of Caribbean waves breaking against the Havana cityscape in “Furious Malecon”. Fuentes’ photographs have been exhibited at Tim Faulkner Gallery and the Mellwood Art Center.

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Featured Artwork

Luis D. Fuentes
Furious Malecon

Photography, 24x20in, 2014

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More Artwork by
Luis D. Fuentes:

Cuban Mulatica

Photography, 24x20in, 2015.

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Happy Guajiro

Photography, 24x20in, 2014.

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At a Glance:

Name: Luis D. Fuentes

Hometown: Havana, Cuba

Age: 44

Environmental Engineer, PE

Website: http://www.elkentubano.com