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For the next few days Artebella shines a spotlight on artists who have donated to this year’s Art [squared] sale to benefit Louisville Visual Art’s Children’s Fine Art Classes. The event is April 8-9, 2016.

To study the masters is an essential aspect of any artist’s education, and when painter Mark Selter describes himself as “self-taught”, he means he learned from the history of art: “I am inspired by the Dutch painters, the Romantics, the Pre- Raphaelites, and feel that they have affected my figurative works. When I first started painting, I was moved to emulate the works of Constable. He and the Hudson River School have influenced my landscape work.”

The exquisite naturalism we find in thee examples of Selter’s work seems the result of a personal course of study as careful and detailed as any academic experience. Whenever we encounter an artist who has arrived at such accomplished technique without benefit of a formal studio education, we cannot help but be curious about the self-discipline involved in developing an obviously innate talent. Selter describes his most formative experience as a lengthy rustic retreat: “Some of my best lessons in painting came while I lived for a few years in a studio built in an old tobacco barn, with no electricity or running water. I painted. I painted by firelight, candlelight, and fast moving sunlight. I carry those lessons with me to this day.”

Such a concentrated time in rough circumstances resulted in a very sophisticated facility with the oil medium, but a sensibility that is bent on capturing that rustic naturalism with an affection that tends toward Romanticism.

Selter currently has a selection of landscapes and one small figurative piece at Edenside Gallery on Bardstown Road in Louisville.

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Featured Artwork

Mark Selter
Deer Skull

oil on canvas, 8x10in, 2016

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More Artwork by
Mark Selter:

Self Portrait

oil on canvas, 8x10in, 2016.

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oil on canvas, 8x10in, 2016.

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At a Glance:

Name: Mark Selter

Hometown: Louisville, KY

Age: 58


Website: http://www.markselter.com/