DAILY ARCHIVE: Megan Kociscak

Tue 02 Jun

This week on Artebella, Curator Stacey Reason has selected four artists to address the theme of “retreating”.

MEGAN KOCISCAK is a prolific painter, curator, and educator. Her fierce image making compliments her tactful approach to curatorial work and classroom instruction. She is a force to be reckoned with, although you might not know it upon your first meeting.

I imagine that many viewers of this body of work have a conflicted reaction of wanting to like the image and severe confusion on what it is they are looking at. This mediation between familiar and unfamiliar, organization and chaos, limpidity and turbidity is what attracts me to the work of Megan Kociscak. I commend her for her blunt honesty in her brushstrokes and increasing awareness of human flaw that so poignantly surfaces through clunky shapes, vibrant colors, and titles that are more like hijacked snarky comments than poetic introductions to the painting.

Curator’s Statement: For me, the word “retreat” conjures a mental image of soldiers running from a loosing fight, a sense of urgency and survival. But I also think of retreating as pulling into something as a haven or as a reflective attempt to understand oneself. Retreating is not always a reaction against something negative, but a proactive attempt to achieve an internal alignment.

These artists are chosen to show the action of retreat in four different ways: retreating within oneself, retreating within identity, retreating within consciousness; retreating within home. Individually, they use different forms of artistic production to explore aspects of contemporary life that may seem at first quotidian but when isolated become uncanny. Collectively they encompass the idea of retreating within this context. – Stacey Reason

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Featured Artwork

Megan Kociscak
Free Duh K in N Why See

oil on canvas, 24x24in, 2014

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More Artwork by
Megan Kociscak:

Once Upon a Time Limit on Bullshit

oil on canvas, 24x24in, 2014.

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I Won't Let You Bury This

oil on canvas, 24x24in, 2014.

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At a Glance:

Name: Megan Kociscak

Hometown: Anoka, MN

Age: 28

BFA, College of Visual Arts in Photography/Art History, 2009, St. Paul, MN – MA, University of Louisville in Critical & Curatorial Studies 2013

Website: http://www.megankociscak.com/