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Robb Hill states that at the heart of his photography, “… there is a pair of good shoes and an open mind. These are the real tools of a street photographer.” After years of focusing on the relationship between rural community, and the transformation of the landscape, he is again shooting in a city environment. The details and textures have changed, but Hill’s assured eye for placing humanity within a defining physical geography is still very much at work. Architectural forms frame his compositions and in one provocative image, the American flag bisects the Capitol dome with a suggestiveness that invites free and subjective interpretation.

Although he cites Josef Koudelka, Robert Frank, Bruce Davidson, and Chris Killip as artists who inspire him, Hill feels his influences can, …”change daily,” and he just, “…discovered a little known Georgia photographer Paul Kwilecki who’s work I’ve fallen in love with.” Likely Hill discovered Kwilecki after moving to Atlanta, Georgia just over a year ago, and the slight shift in his subject matter is possibly the result of acquainting himself with his new home: “Walking lets me get to know a place. Photographing helps me form opinions about it. Talk to me again after a year of photographing and I’ll show you what I think.”

Hill has been published in the Review Santa Fe, 2014 & 2009, Second Annual New York Times Folio Review, 2014. He was a Finalist for the WHNPA Project Grant, 2010, received the Yarka Vendrinska Memorial Photojournalism Scholarship, 2005, the Chicago Community Arts Assistance Program Grant, 2004, the Illinois Arts Council Artists Support Grant, 2004, and the Puffin Foundation Grant, 2003

The latest exhibition of Hill’s HomeLands project will be on view at Peacock Gallery at Middle Georgia State University, February 29 – March 31, 2016. The ongoing series of images document Hill’s hometown of Utica, Indiana as a new bridge construction alters the landscape.

In October, Hill will be teaching a Narrative Landscape workshop at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops.

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Featured Artwork

Robb Hill
July 4th, Atlanta

Photograph, 24x20in, 2015

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More Artwork by
Robb Hill:

Political Rally, Washington D.C.

Photograph, 24x20in, 2015.

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Opening Day, Washington D.C.

Photograph, 24x20in, 2012.

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At a Glance:

Name: Robb Hill

Hometown: Utica, Indiana

Age: 47

Indiana University, BA, Documentary Photography 2006

Website: http://www.robbhill.com/