DAILY ARCHIVE: Shohei Katayama

Fri 10 Jan

Ecology and spirituality are at the core of Shohei Katayama’s current work.

Natural disasters, pollution, alternative energy, the collapse and rebirth of communities, and questions of identity are all issues that inform his art. Katayama uses motif shapes and forms to accentuate the dialogue going on in his head. His work includes line drawings, sculpture, and conceptual installation art.

“It is my desire for viewers to experience gestalt  –  to be reminded of the whole, embrace communities, enhance group-cohesiveness and realize how the monumental tasks that humanity faces can be managed through the amalgamation of human potential, innovation, and creativity,” he explains.

In 2012, Katayama was the artist-in-residence at Asia Institute – Crane House and he continues to be an active leader in Asian culture awareness.  He is also an associate member at PYRO Gallery and was a preparator at the Land of Tomorrow Gallery.  He has exhibited at Yew Dell Gardens, Mammoth Gallery, and the Downtown Bristol.  Katayama’s work was featured on the cover of the August 2012 edition of Pure Uncut Candy, the July/August 2012 edition of Sophisticated Living Magazine, and the Louisville Eccentric Observer (LEO) in 2013.

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Shohei Katayama

Hand Drawn Oil Sharpie on Latex, 80" x 111", 2013

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Shohei Katayama:


Magnetic Mixed Media, 19" x 19" x 40", 2013.

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Hand Drawn Oil Sharpie on Latex, 80" x 111", 2013.

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At a Glance:

Name: Shohei Katayama

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Age: 25

BA in Fine Arts; Bellarmine University; he received additional sculpture training at the University of Louisville in glass blowing, studying under Che Rhodes

Website: http://www.shoheikatayama.com

Gallery Representative:
Pyro Gallery