DAILY ARCHIVE: Suzi Zimmerer

Wed 07 Nov

Mixed media artist Suzi Zimmerer draws on literature, history, folktales, and dance for the subjects of her collages. Those narratives provide a cultural shorthand that makes it easier for Zimmerer to communicate her sometimes subversive ideas to viewers.

“I suppose my focus is on the curiosities of the human narrative,” Zimmerer says. “Currently I am exploring the possibilities of illustrating a series of ‘tales’ that are rummaging about in my head.”

“Roadmap For A Burning Heart” is a dense collage with layers of images. The largest is a blue and black, African statue-looking figure who is jumping into a boot-shaped house. A man in a top hat, who is painted in white, seems to be driving a car into the boot. There are blue and black colored panels in the center of the frame next to an Aztec-looking figure. The artist lived in Santa Fe for a while and her imagery often shows the influence of Mexican culture.

Zimmerer studied art in Cincinnati and Aix-En-Provence, France, with an emphasis on drawing. She creates collages using cut paper techniques, relief printmaking, painting, drawing, and embroidery. Recently, she has shied away from exhibitions to concentrate on expanding her understanding of form and to play with new materials.

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Suzi Zimmerer
hoo doo that you do

mixed media, 22"x16", 2010

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Suzi Zimmerer:

roadmap for a burning heart

mixed media, 20"x24", 2009.

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At a Glance:

Name: Suzi Zimmerer

Hometown: Louisville, KY

Age: 58

Art school in Cincinnati, OH and Aix-en-Provence, France