Call for Artists

Beginning in September 2016, Louisville Visual Art will launch an updated version of Artebella. The program will be rebranded to reflect a new vision of representing visual artists in Louisville and the surrounding area. Drawing on feedback from artists and arts professionals within the community, Louisville Visual Art staff has developed a revised blog format and schedule for the four-year-old online program that will provide a fresh delivery system for Artebella material.

The purpose of re¬branding Artebella is to bring it in line with the recent re-branding of Louisville Visual Art, to provide a more effective & informative service, to create a cleaner and more flexible interface, and to reinforce and further develop the Artebella brand within the artist’s community at large.

Artebella seeks to become a destination web site for artists, art collectors, galleries, and businesses to go to for information regarding the Louisville visual art community. Artebella will be an informative blog focusing on select artists in the Louisville and surrounding area, helping to educate the public about their work, career, individual stories, and properly acknowledging these artists for their overall contribution to the cultural landscape, all while exposing them to new prospective buyers and greater opportunities. In the past Artebella has reached near 4000 people and our goal is to not only double that number, but to extend the reach outside of just the Louisville area—putting Artebella & Louisville on the map as a vital arts community.

The new format will incorporate longer form Features: in depth articles of 500 or more words that will include more visual material (such as details of individual artworks, in ¬progress shots, alternative shots of artworks, picture of the artist, etc.); a briefer Q&A: an artist answering a series of questions about their artwork and career (including featured artworks, studio shots, and a portrait of the artist); and Vignettes: similar to the current Artebella Daily format, which will include two or three featured artworks and text of 300-400 words about the artist and the featured work.

In the meantime, we welcome your submissions for possible inclusion in the new format. Inclusion in any of these formats will be juried by LVA Editorial Staff. Submissions here will be considered for Vignettes or possibly Q&A, but not Features. The Editorial Staff will determine Feature subjects.

Artebella will still invite curators to write special material utilizing any or all of these formats, and the increased flexibility will allow for Picture Galleries, photo essays that document events, happenings and exhibit openings. If you are a curator interested in writing for Artebella, please contact Keith Waits.

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